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Monthly Archives: October 2012

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fLako – Eclosure EP “Honey Drips”

In a world jaded – caustic with sarcasm and packaged in plastic, fLako is an example of an artist who’s fearless with his humanity. Not a fiend for the limelight, there’s no gimmick to his craft, cos in the end it’s all about an honest,

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Fulgeance – Step Thru

How low can you go? French producer Fulgeance answers this eternal question with his second album in the space of one year, Step Thru.Released as a limited-edition CD on the rx:tx label, with impressive packaging and cover graphics by ease, Step Thru continues to explore

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HAZ SOLO – From A Creative Source

“A good friend of mine, Jon Bivens, gave me numerous vinyl records before he passed away. After 3 years, I finally dusted them off from the place that they have been sitting for those years. Amongst the 50 something records I found a couple of

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Free the Robots: Vol.2 – “Diary” (Exile Remix)

Free The Robots releases EP Vol.2 in a series of EPs. His mellifluous mélange of all things psych, hip hop, jazz, blues and electronic has been an ode to the classic sample and chop, adding kicks, snare, creating progressive and artful arrangements. EP Vol.2 and