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Monthly Archives: January 2013

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Black Jungle Squad – Black Jungle Radio

Black Jungle Squad is letting the masses know by bringing talent galore. Black Jungle Squad is formed by Zeroh, Kutmah, Lord Raja, F.A.B.L.E, YBP, Ras G, Oliver The 2ND, Jonwayne, Beans Da Poet, & Jeremiah Jae. It’s straight to the point with it, stretching out

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Kendrick Lamar & Nosaj Thing – Cloud 10

A little late on this one but it does not fail to inspire. What a combination! Nosaj Thing’s beatsounds like a robot slow-blinking tears out of its eyes. Lamar’s verses weigh the seduction of dollar-chasing against the adrenaline rush of a real lover’s touch, but

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Das Kapital – “Free Trades” EP Preview

Straight Out The MOTHER! The first release on his new label “Do Work” sees Das Kapital kicking 2013 off on a strong footing. Featuring three driving cuts of dance music, drawing on his influences to work the dancefloors of both Main and Back Room DJ

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Salacious Sounds Presents: Kaytranada

Article by: Ziad Ramley Hands down my favourite up-and-coming Montreal producer, I got a chance to talk music with Kevin Celestin this weekend, better known by his production alias, Kaytranada. He’s one of the brightest stars on the East Coast at the moment, and I’m

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Nosaj Thing – Home (Album Stream)

In contrast to its languorous title, Nosaj Thing’s debut LP Drift hit the glitch-hop world like a bolt from the blue in 2009. The album shifted wordlessly between moods and colour palettes, its intricate electronic arrangements lent force and clarity by the LA-based producer’s supreme