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Monthly Archives: June 2015

4 Rap Songs and Artists You Need To Listen To (Now)!

New Artists/Must Listen! Kung Foo Grip – M.I.A. Kung Foo Grip is back with the first single titled “MIA” from their upcoming album “The New Flesh“. Get in the way of the Grip and you get left, right? Two years removed from their most recent

Pete Rock – ‘Petestrumentals 2’ (MMG)

Mellow Music Group Presents: Pete Rock was raised in Mount Vernon, but his face belongs on Mount Rushmore. The Chocolate Boy Wonder perfected an art form, inspired millions, and soundtracked a generation. By contrast, Teddy Roosevelt seems like a chump. This is the man who

Mutual Intentions Presents: Mutual Intentions #1

New Artists/Essential Listening Mutual Intentions is an Oslo based crew unified by their work in music and visual arts. Mutual Intentions members are musicians Ivan Ave, Charlotte Dos Santos, Fredfades and Yogisoul, photographer Moe Chakiri, videographer Erik Treimann, designer Hans Jørgen Wærner and manager/writer Stian

DJ HARRISON – ‘TapeCookies’

Essential Listening Devonne Harris, otherwise known as DJ Harrison, is a talented multi-instrumentalist/composer hailing from Richmond, Virginia (RVA). His sound is a tasty mélange of Jazz

Broke/ – ‘Classic Pieces’

Pragmatic Theory Presents: Multi-talented mc and beat smith Broke/ releases his 33-track album “Classic Pieces“. Immediately chilled out by the unmistakeable vintage derivation from analogue, Broke/ takes us back to the golden era of boom bap 90’s hip hop rawness while unintentionally adding to the

antitune – ‘in watermelon sugar’

New Artist/Essential Listening “I woke up before Pauline and put on my overalls. A crack of gray sun shone through the window and lay quietly on the floor. I went over and put my foot in it, and then my foot was gray.