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Devonwho – ‘Luz’ (Leaving Records)

There’s a well-worn phrase that moochers and slackers trot out to justify their lackluster output of anything in general that goes something like: “Nobody ever died saying they’d wished they worked more.“

Devonwho – ‘Lyon’

Leaving Records presents a crispy EP for the neo beat-scene of 2016 “Lyon is a long-awaited syrupy EP invention from potent electro-funk producer Devonwho.

Shigeto x Devonwho – ‘2010’ EP

Essential Listening It’s been nearly 5 years since Devonwho and Shigeto were working on a joint 12″ for All City Dublin. Since life doesn’t always go as planned (especially with artistic investments) they never released the tracks and have been sitting on an EP of

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devonwho – perfect strangers vol.2

So last night while busy with my late night grind I had perfect strangers vol.1 bumping in my headphones and couldn’t get enough, so much so that I had it on repeat and tweeted about it to. Come to find out, devonwho has just released