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Akashik Records Presents: ‘Rocket Science’ by Joyce Wrice & Kay Franklin

Mndsgn adorns Joyce Wrice & Kay Franklin’s ‘Rocket Science’ with a rush of synths and Rhodes and timeless ’80s r&b, all here for your summer dial.

Joyce Wrice & Kay Franklin align astral bodies for long awaited double single “Rocket Science” on the A-side and Playpretend on the B-side. Both pieces were produced and arranged by Akashik Record’s co-founder & Stones Throw artist Mndsgn. The project leads in with Rocket Science, a cosmic love statement seemingly perceived from within a lucid dream. On the B-Side is Play Pretend, a downtempo boogie anthem portraying the games played in the finding of a new love. Written over a year ago, this 2 track release will take you through a landscape of feels, yet leaving you yearning for more from these emerging visionaries.

It’s quite the mystery how L.A. born, sonic visionary, Kay Franklin, has slipped through the cracks over the years. His artistry is nothing short of enigmatic as he is heard producing, singing, songwriting, rapping, or even playing sax over his own original material. Having grown up in the studio watching his grandfather, John Barnes, work alongside Chaka Khan, Michael Jackson, Billy Griffin & more, or even watching his uncle, LA Jay, produce sounds for the legendary Pharcyde, it’s no wonder Kay has felt compelled to craft a lane of his own.

Joyce Wrice retains a similar musical sentiment that pays strong homage to R&B predecessors of the sultry 90s. It wasn’t until her transplant to L.A. in 2014 she began to collaborate with Kay Franklin and Mndsgn. Joyce’s debut EP “Stay Around”, released in May 2016, was just the beginning of a slate of new projects set to release in the near future.

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