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Analysis and Synthesis: Strange U – ‘#LP4080’

Clear a path it’s the Sorcerers SupremeStrange U (King Kashmere and Dr Zygote) delivering Toxic Raps over virulent beats with their latest offering “#LP4080.” The Voltronic duo have gained quite a bit of traction since their last release #EP2040, This time the UK ensemble ups the ante in a full length album dense with Fact, Science Fiction, Pop culture and Canabanated fantasy.

Directions for Use: Play, pause, repeat, play next track.

Firstly Dr Zygote cannot be fucked with – Square wav arps ,low pass filtered snares and disjointed percussion …Terminator funk initiates the induction into the Strange Universe featuring cameos by DBZ and Arnold himself… not even John Connor can resist it.

Something really unique to Strange U is their ability to invent comical anti-heroes with obscure abilities this time in the form of “Bulletproof mustache” King Kash and Lee Scott primes poetic prose that’ll “make Burt Reynolds proud”

Activism comes in many forms, Strange U also reflect stark realities we all need to come to grips with…In Eden’s Husk they contemplate the consequences of Hyper consumerism and survival in a post-apocalyptic landscape while clinging to humanity. The conundrum is not without its solution.

The very next skit “Taurus” is in reference to “The Stanford Torus” a proposed NASA design for space habitat capable of housing 10,000 to 140,000 permanent residents.

So just in case took heed and listen to the “51 reasons to leave the planet In hysteria” we’d have a place to go to.

Among all the “fun and games like drinking jars of Napalm” Strange U see fit to drop Gigatons of knowledge. At first glance it actually easy to look past however those with extra sensory perception might enjoy the following:

There’s a skit on the album called Daisy, originally written in 1892 by Harry Dacre however this rendition is in Reference to the IMB 7094 – The first computer to sing. Performed in 1961 it is the earliest known recording of a computer synthesised voice singing a song.

This performance inspired Arthur C Clarke Science fiction writer and futurist, in collaboration with Stanley Kubrick, to make the 1968 film “2001: A Space Odyssey” in it they further explore the concept of Artificial Intelligence.

#LP4080 still has much more to uncover, the journey is the discovery…however for all you cheaters out there checkout and follow our Instagram for more revelations and abstractions from the Strange Universe.

In the meantime turn it up louder till 8-bit sprites turn up around ya, let them in to life and give thanks while the Strange Universe laughs all the way to the bank