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Anarchostar Presents: Silkie – ‘Fractals’


New Artist/Essential Listening

Silkie’s heavily anticipated third studio album “Fractals” as well as the second chapter in the label-long space opera of the Anarchostar has arrived. The album plays host to a different, more cosmic, wide-range of ideas and influences from Solomon; all laid out in a beautifully rhythmic and melodic repetition.

Fractal’s psychedelically dense artwork by famed Argentinian artist ‘Freshcore’ re- tells the story of an exploited musician who is transported weekly to the wealthy club- pods orbiting his dying home. Although he has been brought up and exists only to believe himself lower than those above him, his music is sacred to a technological ceremony that can prolong the lives and souls of those who wish it.

Fractal’s is emotive, hallucinogenic, sexy, sincere and above all, a timeless album that will live on through any dimension it passes.

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