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Another Planet – “Far From Home” Mixtape Vol.1

Another Plantet - Far From Home Mixtape Vol.1

While scanning the depths of cyber space for sonic artifacts, intergalactic beat-forms and rhythmic antimatter we found… “Another planet”, stark and uncharted yet densely populated by a diverse array of hyperdimentional beat makers…

In its latest release “Another planet” presents “Far from home (BeatTapeVol.1)” a world wide collection of beat textures ranging from bass-driven inner-visions to ambient out-of-body tantric head-bobbing.

So lets check out the cast of characters:

Rez :
Clear Blue :
Shain Caw :
Orijanus :
Haz Solo :
JayLotus :
Wax Mantic :
Ta-Ku :
Fl∆mingOsis :
Tek-Lun :
Solarr :
ASolMechanic :
Prof.Logik :
Daisy Cutta :

And lets check the facts:

  • Beats galore  ______ check!
  • Allstar cast ______ check!
  • FREE DOWNLOAD______ check!

What more could you ask for…share and download HERE