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Black Jungle Squad – Black Jungle Radio


Black Jungle Squad is letting the masses know by bringing talent galore. Black Jungle Squad is formed by Zeroh, Kutmah, Lord Raja, F.A.B.L.E, YBP, Ras G, Oliver The 2ND, Jonwayne, Beans Da Poet, & Jeremiah Jae. It’s straight to the point with it, stretching out samples like elastic and notorious flows with intellect. This is some of the freshest stuff out there right now!

By: Xavi Vilaplana Via Sound Colour Vibration

“Dress cold look gutter” spits Jeremiah Jae on “The Fonz”, second track off of Black Jungle Radio by his collective of highly talented, progressive minded, smoked to the dome producers and rappers.

A wonderful expansion in hip hop. An application of wonderful dub, old school tape deck beats with chopped, skewed verbal abnormalities thrashing themselves around dirty, easy drift spits and oldies/goldies that jingle like a crammed key-chain.

The thing about Black Jungle Radio is that it’s seemingly effortless. It is composed of crate-digger O.G fresh cuts, lo-fi psychedelia and is incredibly experimental. It’s raw, it’s unconscious (or at least, it gives the impression, which is great). Although the album is, as I said, effortless, this laid back component gives life to a very forward thinking album and refreshing release.

“No pity we shittin’ on all you shitty cats” and they are “psychedelic Beatles like Lennon” are lyrics that pretty much sums up a category on its own. A psyched out gansta’ relic a-la-Eazy-E on lots of mind expanding chemicals.

It’s so slowed down that at times you feel like you’re in some really fucking weird, black exploitation psych film. It’s got this glow to it that’s not only like a movie, but layered with movie samples. Jeremiah’s voice is somewhat right on your ear but still has that smooth delivery. There is no cover, no filters, just the natural essence of these mens souls and hearts. It buzzes inside of your ear, hardly mixed into the music and sits heavy on this state. And it works. It’s incredibly sensitive in that regard, very, very personal and well mannered.

The thing is a beast. But it takes a while to sink in because of how hazy it seems at first. But upon deeper listen, the head sits in, shoulders relax, eyes turn into skull and phaser’s pan left and right as you try to decide if Jeremiah is an Egyptian God gang banger or a Rat Punk Skater hip hop king with a thing for the 60’s.

Highly recommend this Jungle Radio. I am beyond impressed with The Squads release and can’t wait to see where it goes from here, in competition with other experimentations going on in hip-hop that are reaching up high into commercial charts. I am happy for these accomplishments (Tyler and CO), but I am also interested in seeing if The Squads highly crate-ridden sound can come into the commercial light. Not because it means anything, but because it educates from a different light, to a larger mass that are in need of something like this. The problem is that it is more raw, on all levels.

And for all that has been written, I salute The Squad. It’s primal, honest art.

I’m all about it.

“Carson Daily, Call Me.”