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Soulection Presents: “Time In Between”

With the worldwide success of our Soulection Compilation Volume One which featured some of the most promising producers of our generation two years ago in January 2011, it was essential to create volume two. It’s amazing to reflect on our progression and how far we’ve

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fLako – Eclosure EP (Pre-Order)

The release of fLako’s “Eclosure” EP has been delayed to the 19th of November, but feel to take a listen to the delicious single off the album, “Honey Drips”, and pre-order your copy here.

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fLako – Eclosure EP “Honey Drips”

In a world jaded – caustic with sarcasm and packaged in plastic, fLako is an example of an artist who’s fearless with his humanity. Not a fiend for the limelight, there’s no gimmick to his craft, cos in the end it’s all about an honest,

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Beat-Maker-Beat Presents: “Go ill”

Video teaser of new track “Go ILL” by BMB SPACEKID. In support of his fresh  new album, that will be made up of electronic/experimental/hip-hop. Album will be released in November – December