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CREAM – “BRUIN BROOD” prod by Hipe

Cream - Bruin Brood prod. by Hipe

Cape Townian vernacular raps have rarely been this well represented.

Pioneer Unit recently released lyric extraodinaire CREAM’s new album”BRUIN BROOD”. What a revelation! In this installment Cream teams up with inveterately skilled hip hop producer Hipe, together they deliver 17 tracks of relentless excellence.

“Cream is a product of both the grimy streets of the Cape Flats, and the long tradition of lyrical hip hop in Cape Town. His music is the soundtrack to his trials, tribulations, hopes and ambitions – it’s his passion, his hunger and his salvation”.

Cream’s lyrical content on these tracks are off the scale.He’s got: metaphors,similes, rhymes within rhymes, alliteration, assonance and an orgy of rhyming couplets. All poetic devices are thoroughly in effect when this guy gets on the mic…in other words the home-boys got rhymes for days!

The album will be available on the 20th of September, in the mean time Pioneer unit are taking pre-ordered cd’s. contact them on thier website, Pioneer Unit