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Damu The Fudgemunk – ‘How It Should Sound – Volumes 3, 4 & 5’


This is how it should sound…

The positive response to HISS 1&2 (2010) was unexpected for Redef as a label and for Damu The Fudgemunk as an artist. Not long after it’s release, the project took on a life of it’s own and has continued to grow and evolve over the years.

In 2014, just 1 year prior to it’s 5th anniversary, Damu started to think about how he wanted to do something special to acknowledge what is arguably my most popular record thus far. Aside from giving Volume 1 & 2 deluxe anniversary packaging treatment, he figured that more music in the form of a sequel would be dope way to celebrate. In early 2014 he went through boxes of floppies and started to compile what would go on to form HISS Volumes 3-5. The most important thing for him during the selection process was finding beats that were made during the same time period as the bulk of HISS Volumes 1& 2 (Depsite being released in 2010, much of the music was composed and stashed away, many years prior to the official release). In fact, many of the tracks heard on 3, 4 & 5 were candidates for 1&2 during the original 2010 recording sessions.

Considering the reputation of the first 2 volumes and my artistic growth since, I found it very important to continue volume 3 where 2 left off, and to preserve the listening experience that many hold dear (ie The music of HISS sounds nothing Like Spur Momento). Those that know me are aware of my sentimental connection to my music before it leaves the studio and the level of comfort I reach with each piece before it gets released. The music of HISS were songs that I composed mainly for my own leisure, years prior to becoming a professional artist. Now in the year 2015, I have a 10 plus year relationship with many of these productions. When I listen to the music on projects like HISS and even Spare/Overtime, they serve as a great reminder of where I started and the excitement of learning, and then perfecting my craft as an amateur beat maker. The tracks are a combination of my many obvious influences, my personal passion to contribute to the genre, and to challenge the craft and the record collection I was building. Some of the techniques and styles associated with my production were in the discovery phase. I was developing my sound and also discovering new artists and records along the way, with each new element giving me additional inspiration, layer by layer.

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