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Devonwho – ‘Luz’ (Leaving Records)


There’s a well-worn phrase that moochers and slackers trot out to justify their lackluster output of anything in general that goes something like: “Nobody ever died saying they’d wished they worked more.

What you might not have heard is the way more apt epithet, which is: “Nobody ever died saying they listened to too many G-Funk jams.

With that being said, Devonwho drops his syrupy instrumental (full-length) electro-funk album, Luz, made up of 13 sweet little whiners.

In addition to having an impeccable ear for capturing golden G-Funk tunes, in 2009 he helped start bandcamp phenomenon Klipmode with Knxwledge, Mndsgn, and Suzi Analogue, so you just know that Luz is going to be a stone cold ode to Los Angeles from which you can overindulge in G-Funk numbers till your heat’s content, safe in the knowledge that no one ever can have too much of the stuff.

Moving up and down the coast for a few years, Devon is now based in Los Angeles creating his most potent melodically-driven Synthesizer Beat Music to date. Predominately an instrumental showcasing of Devon’s production and synth-playing – a few friends join: rapper/singer Zacky Force Funk, soul singer/producer I, CED, and blossoming emcee Pink Siifu.

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