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Dil Withers – ‘Studies’


Dil Withers provides another masterpiece for the beat ages.

Dil Withers has been making noise ever since his emergence in 2013 on a split tape with Ohbliv (Dil ‘Blivers). Residing in Seattle, WA, Dil has been thriving in the town’s rich vinyl scene, soaking up all that he can. Jazz heavy loops with dusty drums is Dil’s calling card.

‘Studies’ is an audio collage of samples, drums, vocals, thoughts and feelings. As Dil studies the game, he takes notes, waiting for his time to shine. His time has come. Riddled with the classic boom bap Dil is known for, but also providing a fresh perspective on top of the foundation. Various soundscapes such as Jazz, Ambient, and even a little Latin / Brazilian are present here with the Dil Touch for masterful measure.

Studies” is a brilliant experience from beginning to end that tells a story very open to interpretation.

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