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Dim Grimm – ‘Perlissop II’

Who is Dimm Grimm?

Dimitri Grimm is a music recording man who likes to explore sounds, born 1980 in the bernese countryside of Switzerland. He has released records as Misel Quitno, Dimlite (now defunct) and a couple of other pseudonyms.

Dimitri Grimm is the hardest man to pin down in any sense of the term. His sounds and styles are so evenly disparate as they are tightly-woven, so equally beautiful as they are destructive. Hailing from Switzerland, Dim Grimm has laid his former beat-making alias ‘Dimlite‘ to rest and has since been making more sound-composition based music under the name ‘Dim Grimm‘.

Perlissop II” is a perfect demonstration of what sound manipulation truly is – the full expression of emotion through audio. At times your head will nod to the beat, at times you will wince with anxiety, at times you will question “what is really going on?”. This is all done in an entirely beautiful cluster of sounds that have been recorded and bent out of shape by the mastermind himself. There is no sign of slowing with Perlissop, only promises of further expansion and exploration. (Make sure to check out Perlissop(I) here.)

Other work:

As Misel Quitno
2016: Seams of the Days, Part 1 & 2 (Albums / Ripl Music, Switzerland)
2007: Sleep Over Pieces Vol. 1 (Album / Everest Records, Switzerland)

As Dimlite
2012: Abscission (Album / Ripl Music, Switzerland)
2011: Grimm Reality (Album / Now-Again Records, USA)
2011: My Human Wears Acedia Shreds (4-track EP / Now-Again Records, USA)
2010: Prismic Tops (Album / Now-Again Records, USA)
2010: Roo / Feedback Children (Digital single / Self-released)
2009: Quiz Tears (7-inch single / All City records, Ireland)
2006: This Is Embracing | Completions (Digital EP / Self-released)
2006: This Is Embracing (Album / Sonar Kollektiv Records, Germany)
2006: Runbox Weathers (Album / Sonar Kollektiv Records, Germany)
2003: A/DD (6-track EP / Sonar Kollektiv Records, Germany)

As Dim Grimm
2016: Perlissop (Digital EP, self-released)
2014: Cite (unreleased)
2010: Music & sounds for Luisa Mota’s Perception is wild