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DJ Harrison – ‘HazyMoods’

For nearly a decade the producer, engineer, drummer, pianist, bassist, and guitarist born Devonne Harris has been making songs the old-fashioned way—largely sample-free and recorded straight to tape.

A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University’s jazz studies program, DJ Harrison’s prolific catalogue spans fuzzy Sly Stone tributes, 1960s revivalist jazz, slick Voodoo-era soul, dusty loops steeped in the tradition of Pete Rock and Dilla, and the “garage-punk-jazz-funk” of his band Butcher Brown. He approaches this synthesis of the last century of Black American music as a dedicated student––always seeking out new inspiration, always dissecting, and never mistaking what’s shiny and new for what’s best.

He owes this approach to his music-obsessed mother and radio DJ father, as well as his hometown, Richmond, Virginia––a deeply historically black city that’s home to the Jackson Ward neighborhood, once called the “Harlem of the South.” Harris still resides in Richmond, where he’s part of a thriving hip-hop community, and lives with his bandmates in a house-turned-communal-recording-studio called Jellowstone, and doesn’t plan on moving anytime soon.

HazyMoods, DJ Harrison’s Stones Throw debut, was recorded there completely on tape, where the living room functions as a communal recording studio.