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Duke Hugh Launches La Freund Recordings Soundwaves Into the Air With “Poly Valence”

Duke Hugh launches La Freund Recordings soundwaves into the air by serving up five steady 4/4 tracks with references to the Eglo crew and Henry Wu ready to hit the club.

After releasing his much acclaimed, Canvas, on Rhythm Section, a 9 track EP which oscillated between electronic, jazz, broken beat and house, Duke Hugh inaugurates new Dutch label La Freund with his blend of vintage drum boxes and analogue synths.

Movin’ On” kicks us off with a big squelchy B-line, flat shakers and a shoulder dropped groove which gives way to a big, arms aloft breakdown halfway through. “Poly Valence” slowly creeps along with hues of purple and red neon, tipping its hat to Moon B, Red Lazer Records and bedroom hardware freaks across the world. “#5” rolls out clipped percussion and saturated organ stabs, making for a narcotic, late night listen.

Dutch scene veteran Awanto3 remixes “Movin’ On”, stripping things back to a simple Rhodes-led groove that wouldn’t sound a million miles out of place on a 3Chairs record. Finally “DTO” concludes with warm, textures bliss; his array of synths conjuring up a dreamy slice of beatdown house which should invigorate and sooth in equal measure.

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