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FACTMAG Presents: The Cosmic Sound of L.A. Documentary

This is how it’s supposed to happen. You begin with empty club nights and wind up with lines down the block. You refuse to stop evolving even after nearly a decade of creative left turns. You operate at a loss until you start winning. You constantly take risks and experiment with 23rd-century sounds. You cultivate local phenoms and help launch them into international stars. You do this until legends like Thom Yorke and Erykah Badu pop up to play secret sets.

This has been the path of Low End Theory, subwoofer-rattling proof that it’s possible to do it the right way. No advance hype until it was warranted. No gimmicks. Just the wild style warped into the future.

This is how L.A. Weekly aptly describes Low End Theory.

But in the background, located in Atwater Village and run by veteran engineer Daddy Kev and rapper Nocando, Cosmic Zoo isn’t the first hub this scene has had – Kev’s club night Low End Theory has been doing its thing for close to a decade, helping cultivate the careers of Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killer and more – but it plays a crucial role in shaping the sound of the music that comes out of it. In this FACT TV documentary, Gaslamp Killer, D-Styles, Daedelus, Jeff Weiss and many more explain just why it’s so important.