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Greg & Ed – ‘Feed Em Freedom’ (Astral Black)


Slugabed & Ed Scissor are ‘Greg & Ed.’

Feed Em Freedom” is a collaborative extended player from 2 stylish young adults named Greg (a.K.A. Slugabed) and Ed (a.K.A. Ed scissor). Greg makes the beats, and Ed makes the raps.

It is a celebration of existential comedowns and terrifying schemes. Nostalgia as the sun rises at the end of a cool sick rave. Praying hands emoji floating above the horizon. It gives you the fuzzy feeling that uk hip hop used to in 2004, but with sad synths and 808s and stuff. Its not so much party music, but rather standing outside the party making friends music. Eyes rolled back, chins swinging. Some of it, you can’t even tell if it’s real!

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