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Henry Wu – ‘Negotiate’ EP


Here’s (almost) everything you need to know about Henry Wu

With hip hop sensibility applied to both ends of the synth boogie spectrum, Henry Wu has got the streets talking.

With the organic and slightly abstract approach to electronic music, which would be the best way to describe Henry Wu’s productions, we present to you, the ‘Negoiate’ EP. Henry Wu is a musician and beatmaker from South London and part of the 22a crew that includes STW favourites Al Dobson Jr and Reginald Omas Mamode IV.

Like his previous self-released EPs, it effortlessly blended J Dilla style dusty, soul-flecked instrumental hip-hop with elements of jazz, broken beat, synth boogie and Moodymann style deep house. To date, Wu’s productions have portrayed him as a slightly blazed, MPC-wielding beatmaker more concerned with wringing maximum warmth and soul from each beat, chord and melody, than fitting into any particular genre or dancefloor niche.

Negotiate‘ spans five cuts that takes you on a musical journey through loose soulful grooves, dusty fingered beats and bumpy analog house. Bringing that redlight, basementality throughout.

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