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Herrmutt Lobby “Computer Club” & “Major Gruber” – Haters Gona Hate


Herrmutt Lobby is back for more. Their third release on Eat Concrete (one as Bretzel Zoo) reveals a more soulful and laidback sound then ever before. The new ‘Haters Gonna Hate’ EP reaches beyond their previous material but still comes with their own style of improvised beats, low-end bumpers and weird time signatures.

Being something of a legend this Brussels based collective of music geeks, hardware builders and software developers hasn’t stood still since their foundation back in 2005. Today they’ve nearly reached their primary objective of creating new and unique devices that are made especially for live performance. With Herrmutt Lobby there are no loops, no sequences, no backing tracks and no groove machines. Their music is born out of direct interpretation, their livesets are never identical and a treat to watch and listen to.

Next week see’s the production duo/technology experts Hermmutt Lobby will drop a new EP of original material, calling it Haters Gonna Hate. Pulled from that effort’s tracklist is “Computer Club,” a nod-worthy endeavor that threads together flecks of soundsystem culture and glitched audio with clacking percussion and a steady dose of boom-bap.

This selection will be accompanied by three other similarly nerdy, albeit visceral, examples of expert beatsmithing, one of which is Major Gruber which you can check out below.

Haters Gona Hate drops on January 14 off EATCONCRETE.

01 Alt of Ctrl
02 Computer Club
03 Major Grubert
04 Camel Toe Hoes & Other No-Nos