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Introducing DJ, Beatmaker, Singer and Rapper, Stimulator Jones

Stimulator Jones delivers some of the underground’s finest hiphop, soul, jazz and funk.

Towards the end of 2016, legendary hip-hop label Stones Throw recruited young and incredible talented musician and DJ, Sofie Fatouretchi to curate a supa-dupa-hot selection for the compilation entitled Sofie’s SOS Tape.

The first single to drop from the album was a superlative cut and served as a tasteful appetizer in the form of Stimulator Jone’s, “Soon Never Comes.” The Virginia DJ,beatmaker and rapper, Samuel Jones Lunsford aka Stimulator Jones, is a pure vinyl junkie and he perfectly knows how to create something cool through the art of sampling.

Soon Never Comes is an instant cult classic, a flawless blend of 90s hip-hop and r&b a la Jodeci..Definitely something for the nostalgic or for everyone who loves and appreciates quality good music!

But the music does not stop here. Upon further inspection we came across a diverse array of music by Samuel, oscillating between hip-hop/rap, analog beats, boogaloo, dusted funk, jazz, R&B, and raw soul. See below for some of our favourites, otherwise make sure to visit his Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages for more fire!