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Introducing: Cazal Organism


New Artist

Hailing from Granada Hills, C.A., Cazal stems from a musical family background, his father being the pioneer of Latino rap MC Mellow Man Ace who is best known for classic records such as his #1hit “Mentirosa.” Cazal grew up surrounded by music, sitting in on Cypress Hill recording sessions as a kid no less, absorbing and channelling all that he was exposed to.

When Cazal began showing signs of his own musical prowess, most notably his dexterity at making beats, him and Mellow formed the father-son rap duo The Zzyzzx. Gaining praise for his production skill and style, Cazal has gone on to produce beats for hip-hop icons such as Masta Ace, Dres of Black Sheep, Mike G of the Jungle Brothers, Jarobi of A Tribe Called Quest, and, of course, his father Mellow Man Ace.

While learning from his forebears, Cazal undoubtedly represents his own generation and is musically tuned in to current trends in sound. Combining his hip-hop influences with a taste for L.A.’s underground beat scene, Cazal has carved out a unique and magnetic style all of his own. His live sets pulsate with infectious energy and devoted passion for music, and in August 2012 he played Low End Theory alongside beloved drummer of the Roots ?uestlove. Not bad at all for a seventeen year old.

Through rich, multi-layered tracks Cazal experiments with heady tones and innovative sampling, often vibrating on a rather celestial plane. The following albums also shares the explorative nature and playfulness of being a teenager, discovering new knowledge and feelings for the first time and capturing them in aural form.

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