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Introducing: Daphni – ‘Joli Mai’

Is there a way to make a musical virtue of understated ecstasy? That’s the question that Daphni, the dance music-minded alias of Caribou’s Dan Snaith, seems to be asking.

While his main outfit has evolved from a post-rock project to a more electronically-inclined enterprise over the years, Snaith’s work as Daphni has set its sights expressly toward the dancefloor, with a particular allegiance to house music and its soulful variants in their most organic forms.

Joli Mai is related to Daphni’s recent DJ-mix release Fabriclive 93, for which Snaith created a new array of original tracks and edits to twist together into a tightly coiled sequence over an extended 74-minute spell. Joli Mai presents tracks from that mix in longer versions—plus the unreleased “Vulture,” which has been passed around only by way of some of Daphni’s DJ friends. The other 11 tracks were conceived to serve their respective purposes in particular spots of the Fabriclive mix, meaning that changes in speed and tweaks in volume (and so on) were integral to their duties as part of a mosaic whole. (Check out his interview with Bandcamp here.)