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Introducing: Villian Park – ‘Same Ol Shit’ Ep


New Artist/Must Listen!

Taking a step back and taking a good look around it’s almost safe to say that hip-hop is in the best place it has ever been. Delving beyond top 40 lists and the songs being played on radio, the underground scenes in every aspect is thriving. Thanks to the internet, aspiring rappers from all ages and corners of the globe now have the ability of being heard by large fan-bases without the assistance of a label. The internet have also given the youth access to an almost endless archive of music from artist past, allowing them to be influenced and moulded by a world before their time.

A case example of this is LA’s rising hip-hop clique Villain Park, who have been making boom-bap inspired jams since early 2012. The group is comprised of four rappers who have barely graduated high school, but who are garnering a considerable buzz due to their technical skill and classic production.

This time round Villain Park drops a gritty, no-frills EP which they’ve packaged into the “Same Ol’ Shit” EP. This young crew may sound like a blast from the past, but among the never-ending influx of new rappers who follow all the latest trends and constantly chase what’s cool, Villain Park is refreshingly confident in their own style. [Download “Same Ol Shit” here.]

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