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Ivan Ave and Mndsgn- ‘Helping Hands’ (Jakarta Records)


The Album of Your Life

If albums were sneakers, you’d probably find us camping outside for days in line in anticipation for this album. Anything by Mndsgn will have you pausing in your tracks to listen, but the same can be said for Mr. Ave.

There was probably a time where all we would want to listen to were instrumentals, especially instrumentals by Ringgo, however, this has surely changed overtime. Add Ivan Ave to the mix and it seems as if he makes the music better – add Ivan Ave with Mndsgn and you get a perfect sonic combination, and for the first timers, this is not there first rodeo.

Ivan has quietly been putting tracks to bed since his early ventures with Fredfades on their collaborative Hands and Breathe projects. A keen ear for seamless production and a profound respect for the culture have quickly made him the sixth man on a number of short lists boasting the coldest rising MC’s. Mndsgn has been making many waves within the musical community for the last few years now.

The beauty of hip-hop as a genre is that it is so multi-faceted – there are so many varying aspects of it that move in different directions and even, at times, conflict with one another, but they all somehow still resonate in unison. What Ringgo and Ave have done with “Helping Hands” reflects the versality not just of themselves as artists but of the art.

Helping Hands” is an enveloping headnodder that peppers irresistible grooves with vivid double-entendres – smooth flow, catchy wordplay, exquisite beats, beautiful composition to enlighten the mind, brighten up your day on send out positive vibes.

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