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J Dilla Changed My Life :: Video (Live @ London) & Unrealeased Material

The music world recently celebrated Dilla month, and what a month it was. One of my favorite albums of the year(so far), was released during Dilla month, Tributes to James Dewitt Yancey Yancey as well as Do The Dilla 2012 – A Tribute To The Drum-Master (both free downloads). Even though Dilla month has past, it seems the celebration still continues, which is understandable as he was one of the music industry’s most influential hip-hop artists. He has changed the industry with his distinct sound and style and many artists have paid tribute and continue to pay tribute  to him. His legacy is one of which, I believe, will never die.

J Dilla Changed My Life : Video

This video compilation includes footage of a benefit (held by Doctors Orders) which was aimed at celebrating the life of Dilla as well as raising funds for the J Dilla Foundation and Lupus UK. Participating artists like Eric Lau, Phat Kat and others, as well as an interview with Ma Dukes. Other artists who came out to raise it up for J Dilla at this evening include Kutmah, Kidkanevil, Mr. Thing and Morgan Spacek.

J Dilla’s Mother Gets Unrealeased Tapes, Artifacts & Manuscripts

Unreleased Dilla Material From

Fans around the world will now have the chance to hear new, previously unheard material by J Dilla, thanks to a record store owner in Detroit, who discovered hundreds lost tapes and other material created by the producer.

Maureen “Ma Dukes” Yancey is now in possession of hundreds of tapes created and produced by her son J Dilla, who died of February 10, 2006 from Lupus. The treasure trove of J Dilla material was found by Jeff Bubeck, who owns the Royal Oak-based record store UHF. Bubeck was cleaning out an abandoned storage unit storage he took control of, when he found over 7,000-8,000 records, notebooks, notes and other handwritten artifacts by J Dilla.

In an exclusive Q&A with, Ms. Yancey revealed that Bubeck declined offers from around the world to sell J Dilla’s material and returned a box of original beat tapes, letters and other items.

“It was overwhelming to see this handwriting again and to see how he marked his records, with his silver marker,” Ms. Yancey told “That was his favorite color, the silver marker.”

According to Ms. Yancey, J Dilla, born James Dewitt Yancey, left to record in California, but before he left, he wanted to sell over 20,000 albums from his collection.

Vintage Slum Village & J Dilla

While some consider Dilla’s strong suit to be production, others look to his rhyming for inspiration. This early Slum Village track, “Tell Me What You Want” is a fine example of his ill penmanship. It was one of the first efforts as Baatin, T3 and Dilla came out of the Senepod crew name and became Slum Village. At the time Dilla didn’t even have a drum machine, so this beat was actually made using the “pause and record” tape method. It was never released. Courtesy of Bling47