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Jonwayne Presents: ‘Jonwayne is Retired’ EP


Is this really the end for Jonwayne?

We’ve always been great fans of Jonwayne, so the news that he’s retired has been received with great confusion and and little distressed. In the words of Wayne:

“Pay attention: Jonwayne Is Retired. He is no longer making beats. Or rapping. He is not writing rhymes. There will be no clever contemplation. No new flips of phrase; no witty banter. Your brain won’t try to keep up. Jonwayne Is Retired.”

Also no longer listed on Stones Throw’s artist roster, although his releases are still up and available, we’re thinking maybe we should be taking this seriously. However, he’s just so great we can’t believe this is really the end… I mean, just listen to the single below! (Cop the album here.)

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