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Jonwayne the Monomyth Delivers “Rap Album Two”

The Monomyth

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away
A bearded white man roamed the scene of LA
He spat rhymes for days as crowds stopped to watch
But he had two best friends named cognac and scotch
The good times turned bad and lost friends had to be mourned
For young Jonwayne seeked a new dawn
With mic in one hand and 404sx in the other
Jonwayne left a trail for fans to uncover


The bread crumb trail hasn’t gone unnoticed in the months leading up to the release of Jonwayne’s latest offering:

Crumb wun – “Wonka” – Declaration of ammunition

Crumb twoh – “That’s ok” – Stock take of sacrifice

Crumb threa – “Jump Shot” – Clarion call to strengthen resolve

Crumb fourh – “40 winks” – The Giant awakens

Crumb phive – “Out of sight”- Tug of war

Crumb cix – The final instalment came in the form of “Ted Talk” with this it’s clear that the Wookie looking wordsmith is at the anvil again despatching thunderous raps of Teutonic proportion

So without further ado Jonwayne’s Rap Album Two has arrived…

We think a “glory tear” is in order…come on everybody all together now…