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Jonwayne Speaks…

Jonwayne speaks, weunderground

It’s no secret that we here at WeUnderGround are big fans of Jonwayne, hence we try and keep up-to-date with what he’s saying and what he’s up to via the social networks. This week we read a few very interesting as well as,(we believe), important posts by him on “Rap” via Facebook and we’d like to share it with you in-case you missed it!

“Someone on Facebook, not naming names, sent me a message including a Mac miller video and said I should work with him. Now i trust this guy’s opinion somewhat, so i look into it. I haven’t heard too much of Mac’s stuff so I thought maybe he was on some shit and I just didn’t know it. Nope. Straight up meaningless…but the interesting thing to me was he carried and delivered this meaningless substance like it was something other than “nice clothes, smoke weed, rich and famous with girls” type lyrics. And it seems like people that dig him buy into his misdirection, which leaves me asking, does it even matter if rappers actually say a damn thing anymore? I mean, as long as you have blogs and other philosophical debaters on your side, it seems like the majority just take yes for an answer and leave it at that. What happened to the message? The challenge of making your audience think? Not saying I’m alone in this but it seems like the ones who actually have something to say don’t get the. Recognition they deserve, save for the few.” Jonwayne via Facebook

Azizi Gibson & Jeremiah Jae, Ignorant Prayers Mixtape“Speaking of real shit, it doesn’t get much realer than this. Ignorant Prayers is a concept album about people wasting their prayer on, well…ignorant shit. both Azizi and Jae killed this one, I’ve been playing it in rotation for a few months but now it’s out for everyone to download, FREE. I suggest you do that and let these cats be heard. I honestly think these guys should’ve put a price tag on this one but as long as you guys don’t sleep on it I see their point. GRAB THIS IT’S SUPER AWESOME ESSENTIAL RAP BUSINESS.”  Jonwayne via Facebook

When it comes to rap and rappers out there, there are but a few doing the game justice and Jonwayne is definitely one of them

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