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Kenny Keys – ‘Everything Must Change’


Radio Juicy Presents

Chicago’s master beat-smith Kenny Keys, known for his work on Eulorhythmics, Beyond Luck, Lyric District and Face Melt, returns with a fresh album release in collaboration with Radio Juicy.

Kenny Keys has always been one of those elusive characters in Chicago music, with the type of sound we consistently in search of. It’s hard to tell in which direction he’ll be going next, which might be because of his diagnosed case of pringle shingles and kobe beef carpaccio, but its always one of the following fad-adjectives: Brazilian waxed, crystal Pepsi, or constipated ass classic.

With “Everything Must Change,” he’s handcrafted an analog feel inside of a modernly and efficiently put together sonic kaleidoscope which not only always feels organic, it’s a tad bit futuristic with its space-age polymer coated reverberation.

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