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Kirkis / Mndsgn – ‘Cold Crush’


Fresh Selects Presents

Kirkis is essentially a madman.

FS first came to know him as an affiliate of the Hiatus Kaiyote crew from Melbourne, with a completely unique brand of lo-fi, maniacal proto-punk, jazz-funk fusion that was unlike anything they’ve heard before. All with his own equally bizarre & wonderful paintings and video art to go along with it, at that.

They tried to sign him for an album deal in early 2010, but he had already promised a record to another label. So they asked him to remix a track (“Kikhabits”) from Mndsgn’s Breatharian record, for the Inedia project, instead. He was into it and played around with the track for a few weeks… but things seem to have taken a sharp turn somewhere, and what he ended up turning in for the project was a completely new song – one that took from Mnd’s original session a barely noticeable percussive clip and nothing – which Kirkis was calling “Cold Crush.”

So, instead, FS have decided to let this new, original creation live as it’s own separate piece completely, and to have Ringgo graciously remix this attempted-remix for the flip – bringing it all full circle again.

And, so, here we have it. A cold crush indeed, served in two very different but complementary styles; with the post-it legend himself, Gangster Doodles, immortalizing both artists for either sides of the sleeve, for Fresh Selects’ first ever 7″ release.

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