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KNXWLEDGE – Wraptaypes.Port2 & kuntent.EP Releases

Knxwledge - WrapTaypes.Port2The beat scene knows a broad variety of names, producers and people who are pushing the game to the next level constantly. One of the names you should definitely be familiar with is Knxwledge. The beat maker has been crafting his beats for a couple of years now, floating under the surface of international attention for a while. His productions have a special feel to it when it comes to samples and the sounds he’s using. Soul is an immanent part of his music. British radio Djs by the likes of Benji B and Maryanne Hobbs have been playing his tracks on the radio. Last spring he dropped his first full-length album Klouds on the critically acclaimed All City label. Valentin Menedetter seized the opportunity to talk to him when he played a show in Vienna. Via HHV-Mag. Knxwlegde is the a member of the Klipmode crew. Klipmode is made up of Mndsgn(ObliqueKitchn), Devonwho(Strangebrew), Knxwledge and Suzi Analogue.

“The opening to new horizons towards melodic and rhythmic structures that are not limited by physical properties of natural instruments traveling faster than the speed of light, Knxwledge (Glen Boothe) east koast recycler (U.S.) has circulated his sound worldwide. From Philadelphia this young beatmaker has been bubbling beneath the surface in the virtual world and has quickly made it onto the playlists of global radiomixes. Recently featured on Detroit MC Invincible’s “Shapeshifters” (2008) and XLR8R magazine, he is a proven standout amongst the new wave beat generation. His captivating sound is a blend of true musicianship of great legends such as Miles Davis and hip-hop breakbeats all wrapped into one.
Knxwledge - kuntent.EP
Making his name via Myspace, global mixes spinning around the world and with a Mary Anne Hobbs mix & plays from Benji B already under his belt he stepped up to the plate in 2010 with his first solo release on All City – Klouds. 15 tracks of varying rhythmic structures, lengths and speeds which go way further than mere beats and snippets. Sloppy, on beat and off its all thrown in the beat blender. He will also be appearing on our 12 inch collaboration series.” Via PC-PDX

Usually we’ll hear a new release from Knxwledge every three or four weeks, but this time he has really outdone himself by dropping two completely new releases within three days of each other, WrapTaypes.Port2 & kuntent.EP.