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Knxwledge Presents: ‘MEEK​.​VOL2_’

Finding a starting place for Knxwledge’s catalog is like stepping into the world’s biggest library when the librarian has the day off.

Since the Philadelphia native, born Glen Earl Boothe, dropped his first EP in 2009, by 2016 the producer would go on to have released over 75 projects on Bandcamp, and nearly every one of them has something to offer. His lo-fi blend of hip-hop, soul, and jazz has earned him comparisons to luminaries like Madlib and J Dilla, and his prolific pace has provided him a career’s worth of music in just seven years. And with placements like “Momma,” on Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy powerhouse To Pimp A Butterfly, it seems even clearer that his tireless work ethic is paying off.

This time round the prolific producer drops his second installment of Meek Mill flips, layering the rappers vocals over his trademark sound.

Our favorite track: 6 fallthru_