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Leaving Records Presents: ‘Time Flying Beats’ by Matthewdavid

Matthewdavid arrived in Los Angeles a decade or more ago, and since then, time has been flying. Starting his L.A. journey by attending and then playing Low End Theory, the musician and Leaving Records boss has immersed himself in music, from bass-heavy beat driven tunes, to transcendental new-age compositions.

As both a curator and a creator, Matthewdavid has had a quiet but unmistakable impact on the city’s music scene and cuts a jedi-like figure, capable of making the kids at LET go nuts whilst secretly hovering in a field somewhere far from the city while bells ring and new sounds are discovered.

His discography zigzags between experimental instrumentals (his 2011 debut, Outmind), semi-traditional R&B throwbacks (2014’s middling In My World), and weightless new age, all generally tied together by a coating of ambient gloss.

Matthewdavid fully dove into that aesthetic with 2016’s Trust the Guide and Glide, a 90-minute Om of an album. Time Flying Beats is yet another left turn, stripping away the clouds that surrounded much of his past work in favor of lucid, brisk production. For an artist whose best ideas too often feel like they’ve been diluted, it’s a welcomed switch-up which is dance-floor ready.