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LIKE – ‘Songs Made While High’ (Jakarta Records)


When you’re high, fears, obligations, and stress melt away. If music happens to be playing, that seems to be the only thing that matters at the time.

“It takes me a long time to create. Especially when I thrive on inspiration. I need the experiences of life to help push me artistically. The reason I titled this album ‘Songs Made While High’ wasn’t because I’m a pseudo-druggy (I only smoke weed and occasionally take shrooms). As cliche as it may sound, music gets me high. I’m addicted to sounds and melodies, Chords and samples- colors and soundscapes my brother and I heard growing up in church; or cleaning our parents home Saturday mornings (mom always played Sade and Anita baker). My dad always played and sang beautiful songs on his upright piano.
I want to thank everyone who played a hand in developing this project with me, it’s my first & hopefully not my last.”

Ten years after Southern California rap trio Pac Div impressed fans with their debut Sealed For Freshness: The Blend Tape, group member Like is opening a new chapter in his career: his first full-length album, “Songs Made While High.

Pac Div hasn’t released an album since 2012’s GMB, but Like has stayed busy, quietly building up his production resume. He produced “Sing About Me, Dying Of Thirst” from Kendrick Lamar’s good kid, m.A.A.d City; Ab-Soul’s “Just Have Fun;” Curren$y’s “Cruizin;” MED, Blu and Madlib’s “Finer Things;” and Anderson .Paak’s “Room In Here (ft. The Game, Sonya Elise),” a highlight from his album Malibu. Just this past March, Like released an instrumental album called Emeralds.

The ever smooth album occasionally features Like on the mic alongside Anderson .Paak, Buddy, and Kali Uchis. You’re going to want to find some alone time this weekend to take in all of the warm vibes. You can also check out the premiere of a new video off the album, “Miss Me With That,” above. The minimal camera movements make it seem like Like is stuck in time, as he raps over the jazzy trumpet melody.

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