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May Mixtape: ‘Don’t Blink Vol. 2’

Hands up who remembers the six degrees of separation approach to wasting your work day in the name of music research on myspace? Now, keep your hand raised if when doing this, you found something really special.

Put your hands down if you’ve since deleted your own myspace account, either because you got sick of the spam, or bored of the fact that every time you looked at it, it crashed Google Chrome… Ok, we’re now on a level playing field.

With this mixtape we tried to capture that, as well as a lot of other things; that first feeling, the nostalgia, a groove, a homespun warmth and a heavy handed knock that overworked the neck muscles when you listened to them.

Featured artists: Culp, Lost Twin, Heralds of Change, Title, Dimlite, Hudson Mohawke, LTGL, Tehbis, Deheb, Chief, Madflows, Veils, Sertone, Cuthead, James Pants, Monopoly, Esgar, Chrome Sparks and more.

This mix was my best attempt to condense all sounds of the records I’ve been listening to for the last few years wether it be folk, beats, hip hop or footwork, of course sprinkled with the usual influences of deep dark bassy space dancehall vibes.

– bLanc1