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Mick Jenkins – ‘Wave[s]’

mick jenkins - weunderground

The Reluctant Voice of Conscious Rap

Hailing from the deep deep south – Alabama to be precise, the 24-year-old Chicago based rapper, Mick Jenkins, has been making a name for himself, and has establish himself as one of the strong voices in Chicago’s vibrant and diverse hip-hop scene. While the locally popular drill and bop music often associated with that city’s rap are visceral expressions of youthful energy, Jenkins’ music is the decidedly cerebral and emotive other side of the same coin.

It might be tempting to throw the conscious label his way, but Jenkins isn’t only concerned with affairs of the heart — he also seeks to motivate as well as make you dance. Jenkins is quick to admit that his favorite music is mostly stuff of the recent past—Sade, Maxwell, and Bilal—with contemporary exceptions made for Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar.

He’s “neo-soul,” he’s “conscious,” he’s proudly antiquated. Mick Jenkins is a thinking fan’s rapper who doesn’t resent mainstream, crossover hip-hop so much as he simply ignores it. As a man who’s averse to popular trends and mainstream hype, Jenkins swears that he doesn’t pay much attention to music blogs, either. (blush)

Wave[s]“, a 9 track album, is a brief but potent sample of what Mick Jenkins does best. When it comes to meaningful music, replete with personal truth, his cup runneth over. (Cop the album here.)

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