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Mo Kolours – ‘Version Like Sun’


Nothing is out of bounds.

The half-Mauritian, half-English producer, singer and percussionist, Mo Kolours, returns with loosely jumbled grooves, gentle hooks and earthy percussion will get you humming or nodding along without a thought.

Version Like Sun” continues with the sound feast we’re so familiar with receiving from Joseph. As with previous projects, brace yourself for soul chopped, skewed and interspersed with snippets, doodles, radio voices, interludes and all manner of idiosyncratic sonics, however, the experience is short lived as the 4 track album ends so quickly, leaving you fiending for more.

Even with the albums intricate percussion and smoothness, one senses an undertow of menace as demonstrated through “Tears, Sand & Thorns,” featuring the menace on the mic, Jonwayne, and then the album continues on a fascinating and vibrant journey.

Release Date:
August 13, 2016

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