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Mr.Carmack “Birth Control / Hopscotch” + Stooki Sound x Mr Carmack “Upper”

Mr Carmack

Mr Carmack aka Aaron Carmack is a Hawaii-based producer blurring the distinction between Hip Hop and Dance Music in a progressive way that has even the most seasoned producers scratching their heads. His current rise to fame started with the self-released Bang, Vol 3 followed by the Life/Death EP, which both achieved the #1 best selling album on Bandcamp consecutively. Supported by the likes of RL Grime, GTA, Plastician, Djemba Djemba, S Type, Elair Fifi as well as appearances on BBC Radio 1, Mr. Carmack’s global domination has only just begun.

Jeffrees presents two brand new tracks from Mr. Carmack, “Birth Control” and “Hopscotch”. “Birth Control” leads the way with twerk’d out hand claps over a jerky squeaky ass beat that shifts gear into a wavy yet compressed early 2000′s Neptunesque synth line. “Hopscotch” follows that up with Mr. Carmack’s own pitched up Sugarhill-like vocals over the most sloppy head knocker we’ve ever released.

Also make sure you get out the BANGER below by Stooki Sound and Mr Carmack off the forthcoming Hot Damn album.