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The Nativist – ‘Various Options’ (Paxico Records)


The medication.

The legendary Jamaica Queens born and raised producer, The Nativist, schools us on some of what he has to offer. At times brutal and heavy, his music reflects his deep appreciation for sound system pressure and the subtleties afforded by the tempo.

According to The Nativist, the new EP is heavily influenced by 90s jungle and the New York City underground. “I call it Subway Club because of this,” the producer said about his influences. This is a common thread in the producer’s past music, which incorporated elements of drum n bass and jungle into each production.

Paxico Records is making such big moves this year, from nu-soul to beat tapes to mixtapes to complete subway-club, and The Nativist is a heavy example of making and pushing that mark within the label’s discography.

September 9, 2016

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