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Om Unit - Aeolian EP

One of many but with a very distinctive sound, Om Unit has already captured the minds of beat fanatics with his work to date. Style-wise you could say “post-genre” or just “Electronic Beats?”… Genres are like borders, rapidly becoming obselete when we see the world today as having an ever increasing merging of styles and influences. put simply, its electronic music.

We are hyped for this next one by Om Unit. Releases on his Cosmic Bridge label have been consistently banging, if you haven’t checked those out. Not heard Tamara Blessa before either, niceness. The Aeolian EP, featuring artwork by the homie Kutmah, is out on Civil Music in July.

Cosmic Bridge

Om Unit Soundcloud

Om Unit – Aeolian (EP)
Released: July 2012 – 12″ Vinyl + Digital Format


1. Ulysses
2. Dark Sunrise (feat. Tamara Blessa)
3. Fumes
4. Lightworker’s Call (feat. Kromestar)
5. Slowfast Matrix

Digital Extras will include

Ulysses (Sweatson Klank remix)
Ulysses (Reso remix)

12″ Vinyl Artwork by Kutmah (