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Paxico Records Presents: Budamunk & Fitz Ambrose ‘Budabrose 2’

The 2nd album by BudaBrose (BudaMunk and Fitz Ambrose) is a collaboration by two beatmakers who draw attention worldwide.

BudaMunk’s releases feature many prominent artists and are heralded as culminations in the Japanese Hip Hop scene. In parallel with many domestic activities, BudaMunk also undertakes many projects overseas.

Fitz Ambrose, the Canadian / Cape Bretton Island born, now Tokyo based beat maker draws from 80’s & 90’s sounds while maintaining the sensation that injected the same magic the originals did. 5lack who is featured on the album continues to gather more attention by offering songs to Japan’s greatest upcomers.

This work develops attention as an entity that connects underground and hip-hop scenes in Japan and abroad via the artist’s shared love of 90’s culture. As a hip-hop charm, as 80’s mellow mood, glittery and spectacular, vibrant and smoky beat magic as warm and exciting hip-hop studded in a film.

“Hitchu” is a warm sound image that tells the beginning of the album while jaggy mellows afford rough analog and sample noises. “ill tone” drops into the 80s mellow sound groove but reared back. Budabro$e 2 is 14 tracks that undoubteblly will carry you to the enchanted hip-hop and instrumental world as if you were born collaging the rich flavor that the history of black music fostered.