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Perfect Touch Presents: ‘Peace of Mind: A Compilation of Calming’


New Artist/Essential Listening

Osaka’s Perfect Touch label welcomes the lengthening summer with a moment of transcendental calm, working with artists from Japan and beyond to coordinate a 9 track compilation of ambient and beautiful electronic music. Dutchman Julien Mier starts us off with some pitched down chords and vocal arrangements, followed by Kyoto newcomer (and Max/MSP genius) Kafuka who goes deep with a delicately arranged assembly of organic jitters and crafted melodies.

Not to be missed are appearances by the likes of Seattle’s DJAO., Tokyo’s Jemapur, and Japan-via-Thailand traveling beat guru Lee. Let this compilation be a companion to your early morning weekend wake-up rituals, or your 4AM post party bike ride home — just a little extra peace of mind to your long and unpredictable days.

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