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Potholes In My Blog Presents “Robot Soup” – Various Artists


We are very proud to bring you the fourth entry in our producer showcase series. Robot Soup arrives but a few months after our previous release, Cosmic Island, which served as a follow-up to Space Toast and Midnight Snacks. And like those compilations, Robot Soup contains never-before-heard instrumentals from some of our favorite producers here at Potholes. It also revolves around a central theme of the cooler temperatures that have already made their way across the globe.

We’ve gathered 17 tracks from a beyond-gifted and varied ensemble of artists. These include the likes of Thelonious Martin, James Pants, Suzi Analogue, Sourface, Kidkanevil, and B.Lewis, all of whom, like their cohorts, bring a distinct and engaging interpretation on how the fall/winter months impact our lives.Potholes In My Blog

This complilation features artists such as: James Pants, Starchild, Birthday, Elaquent, Suzi Analogue, Stacy, Thelonious Martin, Sourface, Les Professionnels, Monster Rally, Ben Jamin, Kidkanevil, L!STED, KC 2.0, Awkward, Evil Needle and B.Lewis