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Quelle Chris – ‘I’m The Bridge You Must Burn’ feat. Bilal Salaam

Ouelle Chris - I'm The Bridge You Must Burn (feat. Bilal Salaam)

Single/Must Listen!

“Lullabies For The Broken Brain” is the fourthcoming project and an odd one in that from Detroit producer Quelle Chris. While most have come to know Quelle’s production for its oinky doink, ear gagging, smooth jazz, Lullabies reveals another aspect of his wizardry. This high flying, jello instrumental album is ideal on an armageddon evening, or as a snack of the day. Each track is dormant and juicy. Lullabies is an infinite instrumental ride, a backdrop for deception.

“I’m the Bridge You Must Burn,” is the first single off the album and features a chorus of vocals by Bilal Salaam swooping over Chris’s driving production, before the whole thing stops on a dime midway through, changes beats, and runs the vocals dizzyingly backwards.

Lullabies For The Broken Brain is available from February 26 – Pre-order the album here.

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