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Radio Juicy Presents: Bluestaeb – ‘B.L.U.E Friday’


New Artist/Must Listen!

Back in January 2015, Radio Juicy started a new series called “BLUE Friday” in collaboration with Berlin based beatmaker Bluestaeb.

For a period of time, Bluestaeb released a new track every second Friday through SoundCloud. The idea behind the series is to make every track stand out on it’s own and to show the full versatility of production which might not fit together on one normal EP. Now here’s the vinyl version to the tracks that were released.

The album takes the you on a journey of classic boom bap, experimental sounds and a few very interesting remixes – see if you can spot them, and also features Knowsum (Luk & Fil / Sichtexot) , Galv, Juju Rogers and Anthony Drawn (Sichtexot).

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