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SAFE SEXX MUSIC Presents: Spin OFF – Remixes EP


We decided to go from BIG to HUGE with this last release. We simply had to ask to the best producers around to remixx the already classic Spin OFF “Somebeats Someday” Ep.” Safe Sexx Music

DIGI GALESSIO gives us a total transformation of Letter and it is dangerously infective and comes with a gianormous beat.

STEVEN SMIRNEY takes the original into a whole different galaxy with his deep and spacey rendition of Stay.

MØUTH offers up a 140 bpm garagey cut of Letter full of crispy and tasty claps and filtered pads.

HELLOMYNAMEISRA is a real talent and pushes Stay to unknown kaleidoscopic landscapes of beauty.

UXO was our first giveaway download and he kicks hard on the juke pedal with this terrific and dynamic rmx of Stay with his Phil Danger alter ego.

BXRTCR is Paolo Iocca, underground music wizard who lately seems to enjoy sub basses and low freqs more than guitars on Letter

MUNIS closes the Ep with a trippy, hypnotic slow and pitched down remake of All Right that will make your subwoofer shake.