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SiR – ‘Seven Sundays’ (Out Now!)


Fresh Selects Presents:

The official debut album, “Seven Sundays,” from Inglewood R&B singer/songwriter, SiR, via the good folks over at Fresh Selects, is out today. The sound of RnB has been waiting for an evolution / revolution, and we believe SiR is the answer. The internet has sparked somewhat of a renaissance with regard to contemporary R&B music – it has inspired and galvanized a new breed of artists who have broken down the norm allowing cultural main streams to be opened up.

If we take a look back at the late 90’s early 2000’s, we realize that RnB has never played it safe, with names like Aliyah, Timbaland and so many more who come to mind and were ahead of their time. However, it seems only a commercial version of RnB has ever existed and the need for an “underground” version arose, with artists like Miguel, How To Dress Well, Jeremy ‘Zodiac’ Rose, Rochelle Jordan, Frank Ocean, BadBadNotGood, to mention but a few, stepped to the plate.

Around 2007, it seemed RnB was dead – RnB collapsed as a commercial genre – artists needed to go the dance/pop route like the Rihanna’s to get the really big hits – but the beauty of the internet is that it does not shun anything, and has exposed us to so much with to regard music – it has helped up realize that it doesn’t have to sound the same, and that YES! – you can be different and talk about some real shit. That’s where SiR comes in…


SiR brings to music/RnB an almost forgotten nuance, a feeling RnB music use to evoke in you. His sound is somewhat nostalgic and has you wanting to believe in love again, but also not be scared to get hurt either. He speaks about the real issues and makes you want to be a better man and will have you feeling like you should get up and go woo somebody. It’s the stuff you want to play while laying in bed with your beloved in your arm. It makes you want live, love, feel and experience everything with no holds barred.


SiR is also known his work alongside artist like Jill Scott, Melanie Fiona, Letoya Luckett, Robert Glasper, Anita Baker and many up and coming artists in the Southern California Scene. He is known best for his soulful voice, and his ability to tell stories through song. The album features artists such as Fat Ron, D Smoke and Anderson .Paak with track produced by various artists such as Knxwledge, Tiffany Gouché, Iman Omari, SiR and more. Prepared to be wooed!

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