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Sirkri – La Fleur Et L’Oiseau

Sirkri - AnNouManjéMalavoi, La Fleur Et L'Oiseau

Introducing Sirkri, an experimental hip hop producer from France. Sirkri is set to drop an album this weekend off   Collective Resonance entitled “An Nou Manje Malavoi.” In creole this means lets eat malavoi, malavoi ofcourse is a type of sugar cane, but also a Caribbean music band. Sirkri grew up listening to this band and now dedicates his latest work to them.

La Fleur Et L’Oiseau” is the first single off Sirkri’s new album. In it he showcases his abilities to defy the limitations of genre. With off beat percussion and pitch shifted ambient samples Sirkri’s work challenges the listener while inviting them into his kaleidoscopic sound scapes…

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